Engr. M. Omer Mushtaq

Head of CS&IT Department/Assistant Professor

Anum Zehra

Assistant Professor/Head of Mathematics Department

Tahira Bano

Assistant Professor / Director Finance

Engr. Binish Raza

Assistant Professor

Sidra Imam

Assistant Professor

Gullnaz Shahzadi

Assistant Professor

Aisha Sarwar


Farrukh Shahzad


Abdul Rehman


Maida Awan


M. Shoaib

Junior Lecturer

Anam Ali


M. Jahanzaib

Junior Lecturer

Sanober Sultana


Jahanzeb Khan

Junior Lecturer



Department of Computer Science

BS (CS) is a four years multidisciplinary program which enables the students to get in depth knowledge in the fields of computation, science, mathematics and programming alike. The purpose of this program is to inculcate the problem-solving skills by mainly focusing upon software development. For this, our aim is to work on both theoretical as well as practical relevance of the said discipline in order to enable the students to serve in various fields with professional confidence. In order to meet the national and international standards, our aim is to instill the ability to design, verify and implement software systems, to appropriately apply the knowledge of discrete mathematics, statistics and related topics in computer science. The specialization courses are designed carefully keeping in view the need of the society at large. Besides inculcating computing knowledge, there will be special focus on other abilities like team-work, solution-oriented and pragmatic approach to deal problems in the field of computer science.

Department of Information Technology

Our modern world would be inconceivable without computer information. From engineering to business management, medicine to biology, and language processing through to psychology, sociology and archaeology – all the sciences today need computer-based knowledge for the evaluation of their data. Therefore, Information Technology is the blend of different skills like information proceeding and handling as well as management skills. This creates a strong practical relevance, which is exactly what makes the subject so exciting and is opening up ever more employment opportunities for computer graduates. Information Technology, therefore, is a forward-looking discipline that offers excellent prospects for graduates. The purpose of this programe is to produce graduates who will have broad knowledge of computing and information technology. Our aim is to inculcate the ability among students to design and develop different softwares and hardwares related to information systems, management, science and business alike.

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most mature and well-developed disciplines of basic sciences. Mathematicians have an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to society by helping to solve problems in diverse fields such as medicine, management, economics, governance, computer sciences, physics, psychology, engineering and social sciences. Thus, it is a subject that can never lose its academic utility or professional value. Mathematics has such a wide variety of important applications which create continuously increasing demand for well-trained mathematicians in many fields. Mathematics has relevance to the fields of aerospace, oil exploration, electronics, weather prediction, management positions, teaching and research, accounting and financial analysis and defense related disciplines. Our BS degree in Mathematics envisages preparing students with suitable qualifications for related jobs for teaching, research and managerial positions. The four-year BS program in Mathematics aims to provide students with mathematical skills they will need for in varying areas of professional human endeavor. Graduates of Mathematics will demonstrate expertise in a number of areas like scientific computing, mathematical modeling, weather prediction, and industrial mathematics and information systems. The BS program is normally carried out in a timeframe of four years comprising eight semesters. The overall objective of this programme is to broaden the students’ knowledge and to inculcate analytical abilities in the field of mathematics by using analytical, numerical and equation-solving techniques so that they should be able to resolve complex mathematical problems.

Department of Business Administration

Today, the world has become a global village. With this phenomenon, there is drastic change in the dimensions of market economy and it is considered a challenge for academia to cope up with these variations. Keeping in view the new innovations in the field of business administration, the purpose of establishment of this discipline at PIET becomes harbinger of research-oriented studies for analyzing current market operations at national and international level. The purpose of these programmes is to prepare the students to excel in making SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of any organizational structure so that they should prove themselves as problem-solver by sorting out cutting-edge business issues. Our aim is to instill critical thinking in students so that they should be able to make a comparative study of booming and deteriorating economy. Similarly, we value human integrity, that’s why there is great stress upon developing the capabilities of team-work among students. On the whole, the purpose of introducing these programmes is to implant managerial skills, to give exposure of recent market and global needs and to breed responsible business graduates.