Engr. Rana Farooq

Head of Department

Engr. Syed Adnan Raheel Shah

Assistant Professor

Engr. Wajahat Sammer

Assistant Professor

Engr. Hunain Arshad

Lab Engineer

Engr. Muhammad Ismael

Lab Engineer

Engr. M. Adnan


Zain Sharafat

Lab Engineer

Engr. Sami Ullah



The Programme provides quality engineering education to enable the students to enter a profession that can improve the civil infrastructure and economic welfare. It also emphasizes on the undergraduate education with the goal for quality instruction in civil engineering analysis and design. An important aspect of this Programme is to prepare students for professional engineering licensure as well as for the development of research skills and we expect that most of our students will pursue this objective following graduation.


Our vision is to produce professionals having capability to resolve engineering problems through their innovative, interdisciplinary and problem-solving skills. At the same time we envision to equip them with adequate learning for quality R&D.


  • The mission of the civil engineering Programme is to provide students with a broad and thorough education in civil engineering fundamentals, applications and design that prepares them for practice of civil engineering at the professional level with confidence necessary to meet the technical and social challenges for the future.
  • The Programme shall provide a broad and thorough education in mathematics, physics, engineering mechanics and civil engineering coupled with application of modern engineering tools. We will provide environment conducive to research and learning so that our graduates may attain the skills necessary for true professional engineering.

Programme Objectives

1) Critical thinking and problem solving based on a fundamental knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering skills to plan, design, construct, sustain, analyze, develop and manage civil engineering systems technically as well as economically. 2)  Initialization of an active Programme of life-long learning leading to professional licensure and research oriented engineering studies which provide continued development of student’s technical & management skills and attainment of professional expertise.

Programme/Student Outcomes

  1. An aptitude to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  2. An ability to design a system, component, or process in more than one civil engineering context such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, manufacturing ability and sustainability
  3. To identify, formulate and solve engineering problems and to understand professional and ethical responsibility as well as to have effective communication skills.
  4. Knowledge of contemporary issues like management, business, public policy and leadership.