On November 2, 2016 PIET organized new students’ orientation for the session (2016-2020). All the freshmen came prepared and were excited to mount on the journey of their experience in PIET. It was a highly encouraging program for students as they learned about the institutions’ resources and procedures. The program was arranged to assist and equip the students for the development in college life as well as to prepare them for scholarly, enthusiastic and academic liabilities that lie fore. Engr. Omer Mushtaq (Head of CS&IT Department) formally welcomed all the future luminaries of the institute and the event was commenced by the recitation of the Holy-Quran. Later on, to end up the curiosity of students an overall college’s success video was shown. After that, videos pertinent to each of the department were displayed and the purpose was to boost up the confidence of students as with the help of those videos, students received an overwhelming amount of information related to their fields. Afterwards, Engr. Nisar Ahmed Shakoor (Director, PIET) encouraged students to excel in their fields. Information regarding all the administrative staff and faculty members was given to students by him. He ensured students to be with them in every step they take for improving their personalities and for the development of institution. Students were infused with a sense of achievement and responsibility through the kind and motivational words of the director of PIET. In the end, he wished students all the very best for a transformative journey in the institution and asked them to collect orientation envelopes from their respective coordinators.